Water and Sanitation Issues in Honduras

Access to safe water in Honduras is a challenge for a significant proportion of the country’s population of 10 million people. According to UN and UNICEF data, 81% of rural households in Honduras lack access to a safely managed water supply and 29% lack safe sanitation.


of rural households lack access to a safely managed water supply
*The WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP)​


of rural households lack safe sanitation.
*The WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP)​

Planet Water
Foundation In Honduras

Planet Water Foundation’s work in Honduras commenced in 2023 with the objective of addressing the issues around access to safe drinking water in the country.

Our work is focused on the deployment of our AquaTower water filtration systems which we have begun to deploy in elementary schools in Honduras in conjunction with our water health and hygiene education program. Together, our solutions are helping to bring clean, safe water access to students, teachers and members of the communities surrounding our project sites.

Currently, our focus is on clean water projects in Tegucigalpa.

When people work together, good things happen. We are grateful for the organizations that united to uphold our right to clean water.
Baleska Benitez, School Principal
The expense for purchasing bottled water is extremely high. We need at least 50 bottles per week for the entire school because we have two shifts but we lack the resources. Having an AquaTower frees us from the burden of buying expensive water and anxiety of worrying about our children's health
Hugo Martinez, School Principal

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